Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update & some cool looking tables!


The Pulp Figures arrived from Canada & they look even better than on the web. They are in scale with Copplestones stuff and just look so cool. Now I can get started working on painting them.

Also last Friday night Mike & I got together & played Chaos in Cairo again using the scenario out of the rulebook, the Package.

As always I took the Evil guys while Mike took the "good guys". Basically the scenario was to get 6 counters off of the table which represented artifacts, the only problem was that only one counter was the real artifact. As soon as the game had ended you roll a dice to see which counter is the real one. Well to make a long story short, my character Baron Von Something, used his skill of "You haven't seen the last of Me" to exit the board with one package. Mike pretty well shot up all the rest of my guys. Well as luck would have it, the one counter I escaped with was the real one! So even though everyone died but the Baron, I had reclaimed the prize to win!

Here is a link from one of the German guys website about a local game event that they ran, Tactica

There are some gorgeous tables at this event & this is something that I would like to produce for our Pulp project games. it is a blend on model railroading scenery with war gaming scenery. I think it can be done but will take a lot of work...