Monday, April 2, 2007

Demo Game


We finally had our Demo game of Chaos in Cairo on Sunday. Rob & Tom got to try out the game. We played the same scenario that Mike & I tried which is basically find the loot. Tom controlled the Bad guys while Rob & I took turns controlling the Good guys.

All in all the game went very smoothly and Tom seemed to like the rule system, Rob really didn't have too much to say since he only played a few turns (while I was cooking lunch). And as luck would have it, the good side only got one chest off, while the bad guys got at least 3 chests off. And to boot, when we rolled to see who actually had the correct chest, we discovered that it was on of the two still left on the table, so no one really won.

But I think Tom would try it again, and I'm sure Rob would give it a spin. next time we play though, we will try our hand at building our own teams as opposed to using the regular West Wind teams.